Exclusive: Sarah Palin’s Views on Hillary Clinton, Donald Sterling and More!

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez was invited to go behind the scenes of the Sportsman Channel show “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” and sat down with Palin at her home in Wasilla, Alaska as she took on some recent headlines.

Lopez asked if Hillary Clinton becoming a grandmother will make her more electable if she runs in 2016.

Palin answered, “I think it will kind of broaden her world view. I think anyone who is a grandparent really starts looking further down the road. We start thinking about things like $17-trillion debt that our nation is under and what we’re going to hand that to our grandkids for them to pay off… that’s not fair to our grandkids. Hopefully, she’ll start thinking along those terms, too.”

How about her own run for president in 2016? “Oh my goodness, it would be some time down the road because a lot can happen, especially in the world of politics in the matter of days, weeks, months, much less two years.”

As for her thoughts on Donald Sterling, Palin exclaimed, “What he said is atrocious and so passé, so un-American!”

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