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'The Voice' Welcomes Gwen Stefani, Says Goodbye to Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer

"The Voice" took fans for a wild ride on Tuesday, announcing Gwen Stefani as the newest coach, while saying goodbye to two favorites, Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer.

Host Carson Daly announced the news about Stefani at the top of the show, and she confirmed it with an Instagram pic and the caption "It's true!"

By the end of the show, the mood had shifted from celebratory to sullen as Bria, Tess and fellow contestant Kat Perkins were announced as the bottom three.

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After singing for their lives, it was Kat who earned America's instant #VoiceSave.

“Extra” caught up with Bria and Tess backstage for an emotional interview. Here is what they had to say:

Bria Kelly: Team Usher
Save Me Song: Heart’s “Crazy on You”

Takeaway Moment: “Blind auditions were the most fun. It was the most nerve-wracking, but for me it was my best moment on the show. It was the moment I got the most recognition for what I could do and it is where I was myself the very most.”

What’s Next: “First I have to go home and graduate, that’s a big one on my list. After that I’m looking to cut a record somehow and work on my music, and even mentor other kids who want to come on a singing show… [My album will be] an R&B rock type record. I want to have old school vocals, but with an R&B backing track basically. I want to have the grit in my voice but with modern music.” 

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Tess Boyer: Team Shakira
Save Me Song: Pink’s Who Knew

Saying Goodbye: “I honestly hugged Shakira and cried my eyes out which is awesome, but she was tearing up talking about how upset she was, but how truly proud of me she was. I snuck in a little bit about how maybe when she goes on tour I could open up for her (laughs).”

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What’s Next: “I want to cut a record, I want to tour, I want to literally dive into the career that I’ve always wanted and that this show has allowed me to pursue. It would definitely be a pop album, I think more pop soul. A little more Kelly Clarkson, maybe a little more groovy… very compelling stories wrapped into power vocals… definitely be looking for new music. As soon as I can, I’m going to be at the studio. I co-write with my brother so we have a few things up our sleeves that we are ready to start working on and show America.

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