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'The Voice' Results Recap! Who's In and Who's Out?

We live-blogged the “The Voice” top 10 results episode tonight!

'The Voice': What's Next for Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer!

At the start of the show, the remaining contestants included:

Team Shakira: Tess Boyer and Kristen Merlin
Team Adam Levine: Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie and Kat Perkins
Team Usher: Josh Kaufman and Bria Kelly
Team Blake Shelton: Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington


Read on to find out who was safe and who was sent home!

8:59 PM:The results are in! America instantly saved... Kat Perkins! Sadly, Tess and Bria will be going home tonight.

8:53 PM: It's time for the the #VoiceSave! Rescue Kat Perkins, Tess Boyer or Bria Kelly by tweeting their name with #VoiceSave!  

8:50 PM: Kat Perkins rocked onstage with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' "Paris (Ooh La La)." 

8:36 PM: Tess Boyer gave the audience an emotional rendition of Pink's "Who Knew."

8:43 PM: Bria Kelly belts out Heart's "Crazy on You" as her last chance song.

8:38 PM: That means Bria, Tess and Kat are in the bottom three. When the show returns from a commercial break the contestants will sing for their lives.

8:37 PM: The last artist saved by America's votes is... Jake Worthington from Team Blake.

8:28 PM: Time for more saves! Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake and Delvin Choice from Team Adam join the Top 8.

8:24 PM: Shakira's team joins her to sing "The One Thing," a song she wrote for her son Milan.

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8:15 PM: Carson is ready to announce the next two safe artists! Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira and Josh Kaufman from Team Usher are both moving on to the next round. 

8:13 PM: The coaches weight in. Adam wants to foster growth, Shakira is nervous, Usher's feeling confident and Blake says the worst thing a contestant can do is play it safe. 

8:07 PM: It's time to find out who is safe! America chose to save Christina Grimmie from Team Adam and Sisaundra Lewis from Team Blake.

8:03 PM: Team Usher performs Lenny Kravitz's "Always on the Run."

8:00 PM:It's time! Carson officially announces Gwen Stefani will be joining the show!

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