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'The Voice': What’s Next for Dani Moz and TJ Wilkins?

It was a sad night on “The Voice” results show as America said goodbye to powerhouse Dani Moz and soul singer TJ Wilkins.

'The Voice' Results Recap

The bottom three, including fellow contestant Tess Boyer, had to sing for their lives just before the instant save on Twitter. Ultimately, Tess from Team Shakira was saved.

Dani and TJ were in good spirits when we caught up with them backstage. Here is what we found out: 

Dani Moz: Team Shakira
Save Me Song: Adele’s “Turning Tables”

Takeaway Moment: “I’m so thankful that I got to meet Chris Martin, because that was really cool. I kind of love him… this has been such a wild ride!”

What’s Next? “I have all this material under lock and key because everything has been put on hold. I am really excited to dive back into that, and work with some amazing people… I’ve grown so much as an artist. I have some original music out there but it has been an evolution ever since. So I’m excited to show everyone who the real Dani Moz is.”

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Last-Minute Advice from the Coaches: Shakira was so proud and told me to just keep believing in myself. She said only great things can come of this… and then she said she liked my hair straight (laughs). Adam was so real, he said everyone goes home, but this is just a stepping stone… he said now you are destined for greatness.”

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'The Voice' Bootcamp Fan Competition: Vote for Your Favorite  

TJ Wilkins: Team Usher
Save Me Song: Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”

Who He Wants to Work With: “I have to say my teammate Josh Kaufman. I have many nicknames for him. I call him the Professor of Soul, Willie… I had the great opportunity of rooming with him during this experience. We have such a deep love for the same type of music and we have a lot of the same ideals about music. I would be more than thrilled to work with him in the future… and everyone else.”

What’s Next? “It is now building from this moment, this platform, which is one hell of a platform… I look forward to building from this moment as a great recording artist and performer in addition to continuing in the acting field… you will definitely be seeing me again.”

Last-Minute Coaching Advice: “Of course, Usher expressed his surprise for me not moving on, and he told me, ‘You did a great job, you’ve done something spectacular’ and he said, ‘It was an honor to work with you.’ Blake immediately found me and said ‘Teej man I’m going to miss you.’ Blake and I will always be good friends, he deemed me Teej and that’s my official hashtag, #TeamTeej. Shakira was by far the most passionate… I felt like I had to talk her down. Adam said ‘Just remember these two words… Jennifer Hudson.’”

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