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Kate Hudson Says She’d Love to Have a Baby Girl

“Extra” was with Kate Hudson as she launched the LBD Collection for Ann Taylor, talking about the possibility of having more babies.

Already the mother of two boys, Hudson revealed she would like to have girl. “If I got pregnant again, I’d probably keep trying until I get a little girl… I just want to be able to give back to my daughter what my mother was able to give to me as a woman. I just want to be able to pass that on.”
Kate’s sons Ryder, 10, and Bing, 2, are modeling with her for Ann Taylor. “My kids do travel with me everywhere. They’re always around and they get bored… I just grabbed Bing up, they got pictures and the pictures turned out great. Then Ryder’s at the age where he likes to be the center of all the action, so that picture was just perfect.”
As for her love of the little black dress, Hudson said, “It’s a staple in every woman’s closet and something that we could do a collection of, incorporating different moods that women are in. The truth is I don’t think you can have just one little black dress.”