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Find Out What Snooki Is Craving with Her Second Pregnancy

“Extra” spoke with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in her first TV interview since announcing that she's expecting her second child.

As she was being pampered at the Vidov salon in NYC, Snooki explained her cravings with this pregnancy are different than when she was pregnant with son Lorenzo, now 19 months.

Snooki said she wants, “Strawberries and salt and vinegar chips all day. I could eat a whole bag… the other day I ate a whole bag of the family size of salt and vinegar chips.”

The reality TV star said regardless of cravings, she is still keeping fit. “With this pregnancy I’m going to keep working out because I am having the baby so close to my wedding that I want to be able to fit into my dress. I want to look good for my wedding so I’m going to work out the whole pregnancy with my trainer, eat healthy, splurge a little bit because I am pregnant, but I want to do it different that way than the first.”

Snooki also said she and fiancé Jionni LaValle are going to find out the baby's gender. “I definitely want to find out what I am having, you know if it’s a boy or girl, as long as the baby is healthy. We’ll be very, very happy, but me and Jionni would like to have two boys… I’m not ready to have a miniature me. I don’t need a diva telling me what to do.”

As for son Lorenzo, Snooki said he doesn’t understand that she is having a baby yet because he is to busy running around in the nude. “He runs around naked and pees everywhere. He’s a boy, he eats his boogers, does all that stuff… he’s driving me crazy, but I love it.”