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The Most Expensive L.A. Home Just Sold for $102 Mil!

The Fleur de Lys estate in L.A. just sold for a whopping $102 million, and is now holds the record as the most expensive home to sell in L.A. County.

Socialite Suzanne Saperstein built the 50,000-square-foot residence in Bel Air in 2002 and then put it on the market in 2005 after she and her Texas billionaire husband David Saperstein divorced. The original sale price was $125 million.

Although the buyer’s name isn't listed on the deed, it is rumored to be a highly secretive French billionaire, reports the L.A. Times.

The estate, which is modeled on Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles, has 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a ballroom, two kitchens, a massive movie theater, a pool, tennis courts, and a nine-car garage.

“Extra” real estate expert Michael Corbett recently took a grand tour of the Fleur de Lys… take a look!