‘Rio 2’ Stars Jamie Foxx and George Lopez on Their Love Lives… or Lack Thereof

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli caught up with “Rio 2” stars Jamie Foxx and George Lopez in Miami, and the two had fun opening up about their love lives.

Foxx revealed he is single. “I ain't dating nobody right now, but I am single deluxe.” George jumped in, “I'm single double deluxe… I'm not seeing anybody.”

Lopez then added he wants to go on the app Tinder to try and meet someone. “I'm ready to get on Tinder. I’m ready to swipe left to the ones I don’t like, and to the right… I’m ready to do all this.”

Jamie asked, “What is Tinder?” George explained, “Tinder is girls of all ages, on an app, and they look like a fire, then you get on it and you get woman in the palm of the hand. You wipe left you don’t want and right that you want and when it’s a match they connect and you can immediately send them a text.”

Foxx responded, “Are you serious? Man, I would be in so much trouble.”

“Rio 2” flocks into theaters April 11.