‘Rob the Mob’ Stars Talk About the Darkly Comedic ‘Fiasco Flick’

Robbing the mob probably isn’t the smartest thing to do.

Based on a true story, “Rob the Mob” focuses on a Queens couple (Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda) who decide to make some extra cash by robbing local “social clubs” frequented by members of the mob. They then stumble upon a score bigger than they could ever imagine, becoming targets of both the mob and the FBI in the process. spoke about the film with stars Ray Romano -- who plays a journalist covering the story -- and Andy Garcia, who plays the mob boss. Director Raymond De Felitta describes the “Rob the Mob” as a “fiasco flick… you know what’s going on is going to end in disaster and yet you love watching it.”

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“Rob the Mob” opens wide in theaters March 28.