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Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: ‘The Vultures Are Ready to Pick Your Bones’

The first episode of the Lindsay Lohan OWN docu-series “Lindsay” aired on Sunday, in which the troubled starlet moved from L.A. to NYC after her rehab stint and tried desperately to find an apartment.

By the end of the first hour, Lindsay seemed to unravel a bit and showed some of the diva behavior she for which she is notorious.

It’s clear Lohan is frustrated that the paparazzi follow her every move. At one point, sitting in her hotel room with her sober coach, feeling like a “prisoner,” she has to cancel a planned trip to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because "it wouldn't be fair to the others" if she showed up with a trail of photogs.

Then, after looking at ten apartments over almost two months, she finally finds one she likes, only to be hit with a $10-million renter's liability insurance requirement before she can move in. “How can anyone have that?” she asks. “I’m not Oprah.”

In the upcoming previews Oprah tells Lindsay, “The vultures are ready to pick your bones.”

Tune in next Sunday for the second installment of the eight-part "Lindsay" series on OWN.