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Which Star Is Milking Cows and Driving Tractors? Gossip Girl Knows

“Extra’s” Gossip Girl loves a star makeover, or in this case a makeunder! Guess who is milking cows, driving tractors and sporting a trucker hat for her next movie role? Give up?

It’s Margot Robbie! The 23-year-old “Wolf of Wall Street” beauty shared a selfie in her “Z for Zachariah” costume, and she’s unrecognizable!
Not only did the actress change up her wardrobe for the post-apocalyptic flick, but she dyed her blonde locks brunette!

Before sharing the photo, she tweeted, "Prep for Z for Zachariah is well and truly underway -- I'm now officially a brunette and spent the day milking cows and driving tractors!"

margot-robbie[Credit: Paramount]
After wowing at the Golden Globes, Robbie will surely turn heads with her new brunette look at the Oscars in March.
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