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Ex Miss Venezuela Robbed and Murdered in Front of Young Daughter

Fans of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear Mootz are in mourning this week after learning the beauty queen and her ex were murdered in front of their 5-year-old daughter during a robbery.

Mootz, 29, was on vacation with her ex husband Thomas Berry, 39, and little girl Maya when their car broke down on the highway between Puerto-Cabello and Valencia in Venezuela.

The parents’ bodies were found in the car, along with young Maya who was okay, but suffered a leg injury, according to the Daily Mail.

The paper says the family was traveling in a grey 2002 Toyota Corolla when they broke down. A gang reportedly attacked while they waited for a repair truck. No arrests have been made.

After winning Miss Venezuela in 2004, Monica went on to star in several telenovelas, including “Forbidden Passions.” She reportedly split her time between Venezuela and the United States. Berry, born in Ireland and raised in Venezuela from the age of 7, was an independent travel consultant living in Caracas.

Leading up to the tragedy, Mootz shared many happy memories from the vacation on Instagram.