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Jessica Simpson Shows Off Sexy Bod, Says Weight Watchers Is a ‘Lifestyle’

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is very proud of her slimmed-down body after having two babies so close together.

The 33-year-old appeared on “Good Morning America” and gushed about Weight Watchers, which helped her lose the weight.

Simpson said, "I believe in it with all of my heart. It's a lifestyle. I've tried so many different diets, and you can only stick to something for so long. I feel like with Weight Watchers, it just becomes a part of who you are."

After eating whatever she wanted when she was pregnant with daughter 17-month-old Maxwell, Jessica said her pregnancy with 6-month-old son Ace was completely different. "I had already been on Weight Watchers, and I had already lost over 50 pounds. I was just already on a healthier regimen, so I kept walking and staying active -- and Maxwell started walking!"

As for when she'll finally marry fiancé Eric Johnson, Simpson promises it will be this year. "We don't have an actual date, but we do know that we want it to be this year. We need to get married!"