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Who Is Robin Roberts' Girlfriend Amber Laign?

Robin Roberts’ longtime girlfriend Amber Laign is in the spotlight this week after the “Good Morning America” anchor came out in an emotional Facebook post.

Roberts, a survivor of breast cancer and Myelodysplastic Syndrome, wanted Amber and her family to know how grateful she is for all their support.

It was the first time Roberts has publicly acknowledged Amber, leaving many to wonder who Amber is.

[Credit: Facebook]

Here is what we know…

1.  Robin and Amber began dating 10 years ago after meeting through mutual friends.
2.  The two have a bit of an age difference. Robin is 53, while Amber is 39.
3.  They live in NYC, but Laign is from the Bay Area, says Daily Mail.

Amber-Laign-2[Credit: Facebook]

4.  Before launching a career as a massage therapist, Amber worked in the fashion world as a sales rep fashion firm Berger & Stevens.
5.  While the relationship was out of the public eye, it was not a secret to friends or family.