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Video! Chuck Norris One-Ups Jean-Claude Van Damme with 'Epic Christmas Splits'

If you thought Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic splits were impressive, wait until you see Chuck Norris do it!

The “Walker Texas Ranger” star spoofs Jean-Claude’s Volvo commercial by performing the gravity-defying act between two planes!

Okay, so it’s actually a CGI version of Norris, but it’s still pretty funny. The 73-year-old is even balancing 11 servicemen in a Christmas tree formation on his head as a message flashes, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

See Jean Claude's Epic Splits!
The laughs come courtesy of Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital, a project they call "Greetings from Chuck (the epic Christmas split)."
Channing Tatum parodied the video last month. Check out his silly stunt work here.