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Miley + Snooki = Twerking 'Meatball'?

Wouldn’t Miley Cyrus and Snooki make perfect BFFs? Just think about it, Miley would have the infamous "Meatball" twerking in no time!

They could be hanging out sooner than you think. Snooki just made an entire Celeb Buzz video about what she would get Miley for Christmas, including "a best friend's bracelet, because I feel like we would be best friends."

It turns out the “Jersey Shore” star sees a lot of herself in the pop tart. She explained, “She's me basically three years ago. That's why I love her. I know exactly what she's going through. The girl just wants to have fun and she's having fun."

Snooki sees Miley following the same path and becoming “a mom, but she could still be fun.”