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Paula Patton Brags About Robin Thicke’s Anatomy

Actress Paula Patton wants you to know she’s happy to have been “ruined” by husband Robin Thicke, in all his glory.

The “Baggage Claim” star is highlighted in the November issue of Glamour for the magazine’s Girl of the Month column, where she dishes about her marriage. Here are some key quotes:

Regarding That “Blurred Lines” Balloon…

Glamour magazine pointed out that in the “Blurred Lines” video, there’s that balloon message that says “Robin Thicke has a big d*ck”… is that accurate?

Patton explained, “Robin’s like, “Listen, if I’m, you know, in the Miami Heat’s locker room, I don’t know where I stand, but…” But I think that the statement is fairly accurate!”

OK, OK, She IS a Bad Girl

“He ruined me!” Paula joked. “Gosh, I hope I’m still a good girl and a bad girl at the same time.” She added, “I think that every girl should know the bad girl inside her -- and that doesn’t make her bad, you know?”

Robin is Actually a Romantic at Heart

Patton revealed Thicke serenaded her before their first kiss as teenagers. “He sang Jodeci’s ‘Forever My Lady’ to me. He did a full-out R&B onstage performance in his dad’s living room. Then he kissed me. It worked!”

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