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Dr. Oz’s Rescue Partner: Don’t Call Him a Hero, Just Give Him Cookies

“Extra” caught up with David Justino, a NYC plumber who helped a British tourist after she was struck by a taxi on Tuesday.
Justino was on the scene when a cab driver jumped the curb and hit Sian Green, 23, badly damaging her legs, including severing her left foot.

The plumber told “Extra” no one seemed to be doing anything. “Everyone pulled out cell phones to video tape it, and I just grabbed my belt, dropped all my stuff and put my belt on her leg, pulled it tight, screamed for another tourniquet. Some lady handed me a dog leash, I tied it off and just held it.”
Justino said he held on until a doctor arrived, which just happened to be TV physician Dr. Mehmet Oz, who rushed to the scene after witnessing it from the window of his office.
David explained, “I said I wasn’t letting go until the doctor came and we had her all iced up, and the bleeding was stopped. He came over and he said, ‘I'm a doctor,’ and I said, ‘You are a doctor, Dr. Oz, what should I do?' He said, ‘You're doing it, baby.’”
Justino said he does plan to visit Green, but in the meantime he doesn’t want to be called a hero. “I just want to go home and have some cookies. Hopefully, one day I will see her… maybe on Dr. Oz, give her a hug and wish her the best.”