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New Details: Man Confesses to Killing Wife by Posting Facebook Pic of Body

A Florida man shot and killed his wife on Thursday and then confessed to the murder by posting a photo of her bloodstained body on Facebook.
Derek Medina, 31, posted the gruesome picture and wrote, "Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news." He also accuses his wife of abusing him in the post and asked his friends for their understanding of what he did to her as a result.

Medina, a self-published, self-help author who lives in South Miami, drove to see his family to tell them what he did, and then turned himself in to police, according to his arrest affidavit.

The picture stayed on Facebook for five hours -- and was shared repeatedly -- before the social media site was alerted and Medina’s page was taken down.
In the Miami Dade police report, Medina said he and his wife argued, he pulled a gun on her, and she threatened to leave him. He put the gun away, and they argued more. Medina said he got the gun again when she threatened him with a knife and began punching him. He then admitted he shot her “multiple times.”
The police drove to the scene, where they found the body, along with the couple's 10-year-old daughter, who was still in the house, unharmed.
Medina has been charged with first-degree murder.