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Ivanka Trump on Balancing Family, Work and Play

Businesswoman and heiress Ivanka Trump sat down with her friend, actress Emmy Rossum, for an interview with Hamptons magazine, in which she discussed the imminent arrival of her second child, work... and what she finds most therapeutic during her time off.

Trump has a daughter with husband Jared Kushner, a real estate businessman, but gushes that “Arabella has brought incredible joy to Jared and me. I’m just excited to add to that and share new experiences with both my children.”

Known for her “Ivanka Trump Collection” which includes handbags, shoes and fragrances, she modestly counts her blessings. “I’m so fortunate to be able to not only work with my family, but come home to an amazing family after work. You can’t be an expert at everything – ask questions, keep an open mind to new ideas and know your priorities. I’m very focused on having the right priorities rather than obsessing over balance.”

One of her priorities is incorporating new items into her fashion line. “In the next few months I will be introducing a new collection of accessories featuring belts, hats, gloves and scarves.”

When Trump has time to unwind, she prefers doting on her family. “I really enjoy cooking. It’s very therapeutic in a way and it allows me to do something for my family while spending time with them.”

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