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Selena Gomez on Meeting Bradley Cooper: ‘He’s So Beautiful!’

“Extra” sat down with singer/actress Selena Gomez to help celebrate her 21st birthday and the release of her first solo album, “Stars Dance.”

Gomez opened up about her recent run-in with her star crush, Bradley Cooper. “I just remember seeing him and freaking out and running away very quickly afterward. That seems to be the thing I do. It was surreal. He was so beautiful. I told him I was a big fan.” Selena jokingly added, “I'll have a restraining order soon.”

Gomez also talked about getting personal in her album, revealing that the main theme is independence. “I just wanted this entire record to be about being a woman, being comfortable in your body. I still don't think I necessarily spilled everything. I think the fans will have fun putting it all together.”

Selena will be going on tour soon and said Beyoncé motivated her after seeing the “Mrs. Carter” tour. Gomez gushed, “I could never touch that status. It was ridiculous, but it did give me motivation! That's something that I definitely, at her age, would love to be doing. She's fierce and was definitely owning it that night.”

“Stars Dance” will be released in stores on Tuesday.