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Jennifer Lopez: The Story Behind the Homeless Headlines

Actress and mogul Jennifer Lopez is revisiting her humble beginnings in a NUVOtv special, and explaining to "Extra" how she ended up homeless as a teen.   

“I remember going downstairs to my mom and dad and I said, ‘I had this dream that I’m supposed to be in show business, so I don’t think I’m going back to school,'" she reveals in “Jennifer Lopez: Her Life, Her Journey.”
The singer and her mother had a falling out over her decision to drop out of college after one semester, and Lopez soon found herself sleeping in dance studios.
Lopez told "Extra," “I was like, ‘Can I sleep here when everyone goes on home… on the couch?’ Now that I think back on it, and thinking about being 18 and one of my kids being 18 and doing that, I would’ve had a heart attack.”
Lopez’s "Journey” premieres Thursday, July 18 at 8:00 PM on NUVOtv.