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Ke$ha: 'People Think I Sit Around and Drink Whiskey All Day'

Ke$ha is known for her partying ways and pop-rap lyrics, but she also understands the importance of staying in shape, especially when gearing up for her summer tour. The 26-year-old “warrior” graces the cover of SELF’s July Music Issue, sharing her workout secrets and why she doesn’t listen to her own music.

“People think I sit around and drink whiskey all day, but I couldn’t keep up on a three-month tour if I were getting hammered every night. My show is very energetic – I dance and sing at the same time and run around. Training for an hour is like training for a marathon.”

The Nashville native, notorious for dipping her body in glitter and prancing around on stage, knows that she wouldn’t be able to exude that confidence night after night if she didn’t put some work into it.

“I want to look good when I’m nearly naked onstage in front of thousands of people. I’d prefer it to be a pleasant experience when people look at me.”

Surprisingly, Ke$ha doesn't rock out to her own jams while breaking a sweat, explaining that that while she’s heard that her music is great to listen to while working out, “it would be douche-y if I did that.”

For more on Ke$ha, pick up a copy of SELF’s Music Issue, on stands June 25.