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'X Factor': No Divas Here, Says Kelly Rowland

Mario Lopez was working two jobs in New Orleans; hosting for "Extra" and "X Factor." He got us the inside scoop on the hit singing show, including the latest on new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, Simon Cowell’s “Egg Factor” moment in Britain, and more.

Veteran judge Demi Lovato insisted there won’t be any drama between the foursome, saying, “Nobody likes to watch drama unfold on a panel… we’re having fun.”
Kelly added, “We’re here to find talent, we’re not about judging each other.”
Paulina told Mario, “I’m really happy. I’m learning and enjoying the moment, and Simon is being nice (laughs).”
Last week, Cowell was pelted with eggs by a rejected contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Simon said that coincidentally, “The day before I was eating, and I said I hate eggs because I don’t like the taste of them and the following day someone comes on stage and throws eggs at me in the middle of a live show.”
Simon joked, “I could have died!”