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Travis Alexander’s Friend on Jodi Arias: ‘She Gave Me a Really Bad Feeling’

As the jury begins deliberating in the Jodi Arias murder trial, “Extra” spoke with a friend of Travis Alexander, the former boyfriend Arias is accused of murdering.

Clancy Talbot, who worked with Alexander, said, “Every time I saw her, she gave me a really bad feeling... made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, just a sick feeling.”

Talbot described Travis as a brother to her and was protective of him because Jodi was so jealous. Talbot explained, “Jodi was always worried about him giving someone more attention than her, if it was a female that made things even worse.”

According to Talbot, Arias also constantly kept tabs on Alexander. Clancy said, “To me that is kind of stalker behavior. It was uncomfortable.”

When the couple did finally break up, things got even more uncomfortable, said Talbot. “His tires were slashed, and we knew he was being harassed. A girl he was dating also had her tires slashed. It started getting kind of scary. At that point, I wondered if she would do something to Travis.”

Talbot is now helping Alexander’s family carry on with a fund in his name. Go to TravisAlexanderFund.com for more information.