‘Real Housewives’ Star Aviva Drescher Visits Boston Bombing Victim Heather Abbott

Boston bombing victim Heather Abbott, who made the tough decision to have her lower leg amputated, received a welcome visit from Aviva Drescher, star of “Real Housewives of New York” and fellow amputee -- and “Extra” was there!

The women met at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Drescher brought Abbott a bracelet. ”This is for you,” said the reality TV star. “When I was a little girl, someone gave me a bracelet. It was to symbolize hope. This one actually says hope. I want you to wear it.”

The young woman injured after two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon talked about how she is feeling, “Got some pain now which is difficult. Sometimes just standing up is tough. I’ve got a lot of questions.”

Drescher, who suffered a childhood injury, described making the same decision to have a leg amputation at age 26. “I had a really bad amputation at my ankle, and I had 20 years of horrible pain. All the doctors came to me, like they came to you, and said ‘You’d be better off if you amputate your leg.’ I did the same thing that you did, and it’s the best thing l ever did, so I want you to never ever look back and regret this decision. I promise you made the right decision. You’re going to be fully functional.”

Aviva also said it’s really hard to lose a part of yourself, but promised Heather will get used to it.

Abbott said she has had many visitors, mostly men, and it has been hard to relate to them. She asked Aviva how to dress as a woman with a prosthetic. Drescher answered, “You will wear skirts again. You will wear heels again, will dance, will do sports. You can do whatever you want because prosthetics are so amazing today.”

Aviva also promised she would be there for Heather, “You're going to have a lot more questions, and I’m going to be on speed dial.”

Abbott is slated to move to Spaulding Rehabilitation on Monday. Her family and friends have set up a fund for her. For donations and ways you can help, go to