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Did Jennifer Aniston Delay Wedding?

The recent rumor revolving around actress Jennifer Aniston's upcoming nuptials with actor/writer Justin Theroux is that she wants to delay the wedding until the end of summer.

According to the Daily Mail, Aniston hasn’t had a lot of time to plan the wedding while promoting her upcoming Lifetime movie, "Call Me Crazy: A Five Film." The two were supposed to wed this month.
A source said, "Jen and Justin have been totally relaxed about the wedding planning. They're looking forward to the wedding… at this point, we're expecting the wedding to be at the end of the summer, just before Labor Day weekend."

One thing is for certain -- Jennifer has not yet decided on the dress. At the "Call Me Crazy" premiere, she told “Extra,” “I don't have a dress. That's something that will probably come together at the last minute. I like to be very spontaneous.”