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Dr. Oz Offers Post-Traumatic Stress Advice to Boston Bombing Victims

“Extra” spoke with Dr. Mehmet Oz about how victims can cope after the horrific Boston Marathon bombings.

Catching up with Dr. Oz at the HealthCorps Grassroots Garden Gala in NYC on Wednesday, he suggested, “Call a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while. Bring the family close together. It is not a wound that will heal quickly, but it is a wound that will heal eventually, if you have that right salve and that salve is love.”

The doc also offered advice on how to explain the tragedy to your children. “Make sure you talk to the kids in your life. Make sure you explain to them you love them, that you're here to protect them and that we're going to find out who did this and they'll come to justice.”
Dr. Oz was at the gala to honor Marlo Thomas for her years of work promoting children’s health and wellness. For more information, visit HealthCorps.org!