Olga Kurylenko on Working with Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise

Model turned actress Olga Kurylenko joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at The Grove, where she opened up about working with two of the biggest names in Hollywood; Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise.

Olga said working with Affleck in “To The Wonder” was wonderful. “Ben is great, I admire him as an actor, and he is a wonderful director, of course it was a big honor for me.”  “To The Wonder” was the last movie Roger Ebert critiqued before he died, and Olga was grateful that he wrote a good review.
As for starring opposite Tom Cruise in “Oblivion,” she revealed, “He kind of takes everyone with him on this journey, he's a leader, he's fun to be around. He works so hard, he’s always really excited about everything he does… you try to keep up with him and his stunts, but forget about it!”
Olga told Mario about a stunt the two worked on in Iceland which almost injured them when she kept trying to grab the handlebars of the motorcycle they were riding. “We were crossing this black desert in Iceland and of course he had to drive really fast,” she said. “We were hitting all these bumps, I guess it’s just instinct, instead of holding on to him, I tried to save us.”
“To The Wonder” opens Friday, and “Oblivion” is in theaters April 19.