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Jodi Arias Murder Trial: Attorneys to Request Mistrial Over Juror Misconduct

UPDATE: The judge has denied the motion for a mistrial, and juror No. 5 has been excused.

It looks like Jodi Arias' murder trial might be derailed. Two jurors allegedly spoke privately about the case, and now the killer’s defense team wants the judge to declare it a mistrial, reports KPHO. Watch a live stream of the proceedings!

Jury members are not allowed to discuss the trial prior to deliberations. In addition, jurors in Arizona are not sequestered and are warned daily to avoid media coverage.

Last week, Arias’ attorney argued for a mistrial on grounds that prosecutor Juan Martinez was seen signing autographs and taking pictures with fans outside the courthouse. While questioning jurors about the matter, it came to light that the jury members may have discussed the case.

The possibility of a mistrial will be addressed in court on Tuesday.

Arias is facing the death penalty in the cold-blooded 2008 slaying of her ex-boyfriend, who was stabbed and slashed 27 times and then shot in the head.