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World According to Trump: Mark Cuban, Tiger and Lindsey and More

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with real estate mogul Donald Trump for his opinions on the latest big headlines, from Tiger Woods’ new relationship with Lindsey Vonn, to his latest feud with entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

Trump responded to Cuban’s suggestion they settle their long-standing Twitter war with a Harlem Shake-Off between the cast of “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Shark Tank.”
The Donald stated, “Well, he's a jerk. The guy has been a loser over the years… he started with a Twitter feud and he's now given that up, so that’s good. So we will be back to being friends again."
As for the Tiger and Lindsey relationship, Trump said, “These are two great champions… Wow, I tell you those children are going to be magnificent. I want to sponsor those children.”
Trump didn’t have kind words to say about the other Lindsay… Lohan. Donald sighed, “I’m so tired of Lindsay… She's just a mess. She's got to really straighten herself out.”
Trump thoughts on Pope Francis I? “The new pope is terrific, but I don't like seeing the pope standing at a hotel checkout desk paying his bill. I want my pope to have somebody else pay his bill.”
Finally, the reality TV producer isn’t surprised that the History Channel mini-series “The Bible” is beating “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” in the ratings. Trump explained, “I don't compete with God. God beats me every single time.”