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Video! Tim McGraw Reveals Secret of His Hot New Body

Tim McGraw opened up to “Extra” about giving up alcohol and the secret behind his hot new body.

The sober country singer called his drinking “disruptive” and explained, “Everybody could look and say, well, gosh he didn't drink that much... or some people could say he drank too much, but for me it was too much and for me it was a point to where I wanted to change what I was doing.”

Lucky for Tim, wife Faith Hill has been by his side the whole way. “There were a few times that weren't so great because of some of the things I was doing,” he said. “It was always something that we were working through and it was always something that she was by my side with.”
These days, he’s a whole new man, having undergone a complete transformation. His secret? Cross Fit!
“It is a way for us to hang out together when we are not playing,” he said of doing Cross Fit workouts with his bandmates. “It is good for the band, we enjoy it.”

For info on Tim's new album "Two Lanes of Freedom" and his latest tour, visit TimMcGraw.com.