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Jodi Arias Live Stream: Killer Breaks Down, Weeps at Murder Trial

Accused murderer Jodi Arias cried at trial today as the prosecutor badgered her with questions about the day Travis Alexander died… while showing her images of the crime scene.

Arias, who faces the death penalty if convicted, described how the couple got into an argument and how he chased her through the house, but somehow she managed to get away. When prosecutor Juan Martinez forced her to look at gruesome photos of the scene, she choked up.

“Ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? Were you crying when you stabbed him? What about when you cut his throat, what about then?” he asked.

She didn’t remember.

“Are you the one who did this?” the attorney questioned. Arias answered, “Yes.” He continued, “And you are the same individual who lied about all this, right?” Again, she replied, “Yes.”

For more of Jodi’s testimony, watch below for the live stream.