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Hilaria Baldwin: 'We’re Having a Baby!'

“Extra” lifestyle correspondent Hilaria Baldwin exclusively confirmed that she and husband Alec Baldwin are expecting their first child together!

The happy couple sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway on Tuesday for their only TV interview to reveal the news. Hilaria gushed, “We’re having a baby! It was a surprise, a wonderful surprise.”

Hilaria explained she took a pregnancy test without telling Alec, and when it was positive, all she could do was scream about it.

The “30 Rock” star laughed, “There’s a scream I heard, which is a scream normally reserved if there’s a spider in the house, not exaggerating. Normally, I will be reading a book. We're in the country, it's quiet, some time to really relax and unwind and sometimes, once a month, you hear ‘Ahhh, Alec, Alec!’ I come upstairs, and there’s a spider on the wall. So then I hear that scream again, but it was not a spider.”

Hilaria added, “It was followed by ‘I’m pregnant, I'm pregnant!’ He runs up the stairs and I'm holding it [the test] and showing it to him.”

The actor beamed, “We can joke all about it, but it's honestly the most amazing moment. We are really sharing something special.”

As for how Hilaria is feeling, she said, “Now, I’m showing, it’s getting to be much more, like ‘OMG this is actually going to happen!’ Now we can start the nursery, the everything, the dreaming.”

The baby is due late this summer.

Tune in to "Extra" on Wednesday for more of our exclusive interview with the excited parents-to-be!