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Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Turns 18

Connor Cruise, son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, celebrated his 18th birthday in London on Thursday.

The busy DJ had a gig at the trendy Boujis nightclub in South Kensington, with his biggest fan there to watch him, big sister Isabella, 20.

connor2[photo credit: Splash News]

Connor tweeted before the festivities, “About to take a pregame nap cause I'm old before I head to @boujis for some fun.”
The comment received some flack from his Twitter followers, who chided the teen for calling himself “old,” and some suggesting that his famous father was quite far ahead of him at 50.
Connor later added, “This debate over age is hilarious. All I can say is you are as young and as old as you act. In regards to my pops all I can say is #Ironman.”