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Video! 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe, Shirtless for 'Extra'!

“The Bachelor’s” Sean Lowe proved his steamy shower scene photos from In Touch are the real deal when he went shirtless for “Extra’s” Renee Bargh at The Grove.

The part-time fitness model and insurance salesman, who has the “grueling” task of finding love among 26 beautiful bachelorettes, revealed his pumped-up chest and abs after Renee asked if the pics had been photoshopped.
Lowe promised there are more “steamy” moments ahead on the show, but he’s a little worried that not everyone will approve. “It might get hard with the steamy makeouts, because Grandma back home might be watching… they still get pretty steamy,” he revealed.
Sean added that having all those women in one house has caused some trouble. “It's not easy… it gets a little catty and drama starts to come about.”

The 28-year-old also dished on Tierra, a contestant known for creating drama. “I give her the first rose,” he said. “Right out of the limo, initially I was attracted to her, her smile, and she lit up. I knew I wanted to spend more time with her.”
Renee asked, “What does this tell you about men?” Sean admitted, “First impressions aren’t always correct and drama will follow her.”

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