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Angus T. Jones Was Not Brainwashed, Says Body Language Expert

Actor Angus T. Jones shocked fans when he slammed “Two and a Half Men” in an online video, a rant now dubbed by Charlie Sheen as his "Hale-Bopp-like meltdown.”

Was Angus brainwashed? “Extra’s” famed body language expert, Janine Driver, author of "You Can't Lie to Me," doesn’t think so. She sees Jones’ behavior as controlled and confident in the video, posted on YouTube by the Forerunner Chronicles church.

Driver points out that Jones places his hand on his chin, which says, “I'm in control, I'm a powerful person and I'm thinking about it.” She added, “We also see him pop his elbow back. It says, ‘Hey, I'm confident.’”

Janine doesn’t see Angus as being too pushy either, “He's just sharing his information.”

Angus has since apologized to the cast and crew. Sheen doesn't harbor any hard feelings, he told ABCNews.com the child actor is welcome to join his FX show "Anger Management."

Meanwhile, “Men” co-star Holland Taylor is concerned, he’s just “finding his way.” She told Splash News she hasn’t spoken with the teen in months, but thinks he’s a “lovely young man.”

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