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Emma Watson: Every Girl Has Dated a Loser

Actress Emma Watson is about to make her big post-“Harry Potter” debut in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” As Sam, Emma takes a depressed freshman named Charlie under her wing and helps him navigate the treacherous waters of high school.

“Extra’s” Ben Lyons caught up with Emma and writer/director Stephen Chbosky to talk about the film.
While describing Sam’s journey and “douchey” boyfriend Craig, Emma jokes that every girl has gone out with a Craig, even her!  
“I never talk about my dating experience, but I have to confess there have been one or two Craigs -- for sure I relate [to Sam].”
Naturally, the conversation turned to “Harry Potter.” Emma outed her co-stars like Nina Dobrev as fans of the franchise and told Ben about the most surprising Hermione fan collectible she’s ever come across.

“Hermione’s Magic Muffins is a cake-making kit and it had these little stickers that you put on top of the cakes.”
“Perks of Being a Wallflower” blooms in theaters Sept. 21, 2012.