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Kristen Stewart: ‘Twilight’ Took a Lot of Patience

Actress Kristen Stewart is really into indie films, like her new drama “On the Road.” In a new cover story with Glamour Germany, she tells the magazine she’s avoiding commercial work that will “suck the soul out of you” and admits “Twilight” took a lot of “patience.”

Stewart, who is rumored to be back together with boyfriend Rob Pattinson, certainly has her pick of top jobs in the fashion and beauty world, but for the most part, she’s not interested. “I would never work with people who aren’t really creative and aren’t committed to what they do," she told Glamour. "Unfortunately, there are a lot of those people out there, they are f**king everywhere, and they try to suck the soul out of you."
Kristen, who is the face of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume, added, “For example, I would never do a makeup campaign, even though the [final] photos with me would probably look good. Thank you, but it doesn’t interest me.”
What does interest the 22-year-old is the independent movie scene. “I lived in the ‘Twilight’ world for about four years -- that’s a very long time that demands a lot of patience on your part. Thank God, I had the opportunity to do smaller movies like ‘The Runaways,’ ‘Welcome to the Rileys,’ and ‘On the Road’ in between [shooting the ‘Twilight’ films]. Otherwise I’d probably have turned mad.”