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Celine Dion on Kids, Fashion, ‘American Idol’ and Adele

Singer Celine Dion doesn’t miss a beat as she bounces from megawatt star to supermom of Rene-Charles and twins Eddy and Nelson -- especially when it comes to her wardrobe. 

The Las Vegas headliner told “Extra’s” Adrianna Costa, “I do love sweats, yes, but I love fashion a lot as well… on my days off I like to be in my PJs as long as I can.”

She added, “I come here [to Caesars Palace], focus and do my job as professional as I can and go home to be a mom as quick as I can.”
Dion has a lot on her plate these days between the “Celine” show at Caesars and upcoming albums, “Water and Flame” and “Sans attendre” due out this fall -- so much in the works that she doesn’t have time for “American Idol.”
“[I have thought about] being with Mariah Carey and doing something with her, yeah, definitely, but to join ‘American Idol’ and be a judge kind of thing… no. I have too much on my plate… and the time off I have, I’m not looking for a job. I really want to be home with my kids.”
Not only is she a Mariah fan, but she loves Adele, too. “She’s just amazing. I say it every night. I sing one of her songs. I love everything about her.”

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