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Johnnie Cochran's Widow Outraged at O.J. Simpson Prosecutor

Johnnie Cochran's Widow Outraged at O.J. Simpson Prosecutor
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Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden recently made allegations that Simpson’s lawyer, the late Johnnie Cochran, tampered with the infamous bloody glove Simpson was alleged to have worn during the June 1994 brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

TMZ spoke with lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley -- Cochran's former right-hand woman and Lindsay Lohan’s current attorney -- who said Johnnie's widow, Dale Cochran, is outraged because "it makes no sense."

At a panel discussion about the trial at New York's Pace University Law School, Darden said, "I think Johnnie tore the lining. There were some additional tears in the lining so that O.J.'s fingers couldn't go all the way up into the glove."

Holley explained that if Darden believed this theory, he failed to bring up in court at the appropriate time, adding, "to bring it up 17 years later when Johnnie Cochran is dead... it's just, it's unbelievable. It's maddening." Cochran died of a brain tumor in 2005.

Simpson was acquitted of the murder of Brown and Goldman, but was found guilty in a 1997 civil trial and ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to the murder victims’ families.

Simpson is currently serving up to 33 years in jail for an unrelated 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas.