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Exclusive! Julia Roberts Stands Up to Cancer

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli sat down for an exclusive chat with Oscar winner Julia Roberts on Friday at the 2012 Stand Up to Cancer event.

Roberts took the stage to support the fight against cancer. Backstage, she opened up to Penacoli about how the disease has touched her life, including her friend, Carole, who is battling the disease. "She's very close to me, one of my best friends... and just a loving wife, person and mother."

The "Mirror Mirror" actress also talked about losing her father to throat cancer when she was 10.

“I don't remember his illness, really, but I remember him so dearly and vividly,” said Roberts. She added how it is still hard not to have him around, especially now that she has children. “That's where you feel the real ripoff. He's not here to be a grandparent.”
Speaking of kids, Penacoli asked if there was a chance she and husband Danny Moder would expand their family, which includes twins Hazel and Finn, 7, and Henry, 5. Julia laughed, “Do you want to see my birth certificate?” and added, “One never knows what's going to happen, but I think we're good at three!”

Roberts said she is doing her preventative cancer screenings regularly and is “Trying to eat in a very close to the earth way, a very organic way.”
What about the rumor she and her family are moving to Hawaii to live on an organic farm? Flashing that famous smile, she answered, “No, but that sounds great!”

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