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Sofia Vergara Confirms Engagement to Nick Loeb, Talks Babies

It’s official: Sofia Vergara is engaged to boyfriend Nick Loeb! The “Modern Family” star finally confirmed the happy news after leaving fans guessing about their relationship.

Nick proposed to the actress at her 40th birthday party in Mexico, but she reportedly turned him down at the time. Now, she plans to go through with the nuptials.

Sofia told Celebuzz, “I haven’t started planning anything because everything has been very recent. I just planned a very big birthday — my 40th birthday in Mexico… I am kind of, you know, working a lot — I just started the “Modern Family” season — so I don’t know yet [when I will get married]. No plans.”

Vergara, who is mom to 21-year-old Manolo, is also toying with the idea of having another baby. “It is something maybe one day I will do again,” she said. “I wouldn’t mind. I think I can still do it, but when you want to do something like that, you want to do it right – at the right moment. So I am taking it easy. Maybe when I have a little less work.”

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