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'Extra' Raw! Christina Applegate Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer

Actress Christina Applegate is one busy woman, between her hit show “Up All Night” and 1-year-old daughter Sadie, but she still makes time to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Applegate told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez she is helping women below the age of 40 get the testing they need for early detection. The star’s charity, Right Action for Women, helps high-risk patients pay for MRIs, which can detect cancer earlier than mammograms.
Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy to make certain the disease did not return.
She told “Good Morning America” at the time, "I didn't want to go back to the doctors every four months for testing and squishing and everything. I just wanted to kind of get rid of this whole thing for me. This was the choice that I made and it was a tough one."
Visit RightActionForWomen.org to learn more.