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Kristen Stewart Pushed Out of Hiding by Jodie Foster

Actress Kristen Stewart came out of hiding on August 20, thanks to a nudge from friend Jodie Foster. The “Twilight” star was spotted in L.A. on Monday wearing boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s Orioles baseball cap and a ring from the actor [not pictured below].

Radar reports that Foster pushed the starlet to get out of the house and begin living again in the wake of her affair with “Snow White” director Rupert Sanders. 

“She told Kristen that it was no good moping around the house and that the sooner she faced the world and was seen in public, the quicker she can move on with her life,” the source told Radar.

KStew Emerges From Hidey Hole

Foster recommended KStew agree to an exclusive interview but encouraged her to start with “baby steps.”

“They have been close friends since they starred opposite each other in “Panic Room” and Jodie is a mother-like figure to her,” the insider added. “Jodie told Kristen to take no notice of the media bashing and said if she wanted to cry her heart out to her she’s always available.”

Foster also understands that 20-somethings make mistakes. “Jodie loved Rob and is disappointed with Kristen for cheating on him. However, she knows at 22, she’s still very young and unfortunately people make mistakes in life. She thinks Kristen will learn from this and will only grow into a more mature person because of it.”

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The “Silence of the Lambs” star also offered her support in an open letter published on the Daily Beast website.

Among the words of wisdom, she wrote, “The public horrors of today eventually blow away. And yes, you are changed by the awful wake of reckoning they leave behind. You trust less. You calculate your steps. You survive. Hopefully in the process you don’t lose your ability to throw your arms in the air again and spin in wild abandon. That is the ultimate F.U. and--finally--the most beautiful survival tool of all. Don’t let them take that away from you.”