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Prince Harry Returns Home to Face Queen's Fury Over Naked Photos

Prince Harry’s wild week in Las Vegas has the Queen doing serious damage control after naked photos of the redhead took the Internet by storm.

Harry's grandmother is reportedly furious, and Buckingham Palace has banned the pics in England, calling them a breach of the royal's privacy, according to the New York Daily News.

The playboy prince and his entourage reportedly met some girls in the Wynn hotel bar and invited them up to his VIP suite. The revelers decided to play a game of strip billiards and it appears that Harry and at least one girl were losing pretty badly. The 27-year-old can be seen cupping his genitals in one photo and bear hugging a woman in another – while wearing just a necklace and Rolex watch.

All this could have been avoided, says TMZ, if Harry’s team of minders had just confiscated everyone’s cell phones. One person familiar with the Vegas VIP scene told the site, “Harry's team acted like a bunch of amateurs.”

The Daily Mail claims Harry’s guards were enjoying the party with everyone else and seemed unconcerned with the photos being taken. An insider told TMZ that security only objected weakly saying, "awww, come on .. no photos” but didn’t stop them.

The prince did more than just show off the crown jewels during his Sin City vacation. Harry was spotted partying with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte at a late night pool party. The pair even competed in a 3:00 AM swim off! Later, Lochte told Matt Lauer he was "kinda happy" he missed the strip billiards party in Harry's hotel room.