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Dr. Drew on Tony Scott's Suicide: 'It's Complicated'

“Extra” sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to talk about the tragic death of “Top Gun” director Tony Scott. “It’s complicated and it’s awful,” he told us.

Scott jumped to his death off an L.A. bridge on Sunday. Dr. Drew said, “It has such a dramatic quality to it, it makes me wonder if he'd been struggling with something like bi-polar disorder.”

He added, “I'm concerned that this is just flat out severe depression.”

Witnesses said Scott parked his car on the bridge, walked to the edge and jumped without hesitation.

“Given how much planning went into this... I'm not surprised that he didn't hesitate,” Pinsky said. “However people that survive jumps like this... will usually tell you that the moment they jump... the first thought they have is... I made a mistake.”

Eyewitness Captain Dale Sleight saw the leap and told “Extra” that Tony nearly landed on his boat.

“If he would have waited just a short time, he would have been on the boat...landed on the boat instead of landing in the water,” he said.