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Tony Scott Suffered from Inoperable Brain Cancer?

Early reports say director Tony Scott was suffering from inoperable brain cancer leading up to his suicide. Yet, the mystery surrounding his sudden death intensified with a new report saying he was NOT suffering from the deadly disease.

The famous filmmaker was reportedly in cancer remission, but friends were concerned he was having a relapse. ”He had been in the hospital earlier this summer, in the past few months, and he had been recuperating," a source told The New York Post. "The official story was it was a hip operation, but people suspected he underwent another cancer operation.” Another source confirmed the same to ABC News.

TMZ reports, however, that Scott's wife told investigators the rumor Tony had inoperable brain cancer was "absolutely false." In fact, she told the authorities he wasn't suffering from any kind of life-threatening illnesses at all.

Scott, best known for directing action movies like "Top Gun,” jumped off a bridge near Long Beach around midday on Sunday. He was 68.

Authorities told the Associated Press that the “Crimson Tide” director left a letter in his black Toyota Prius with contact information and another in his office.

Scott helmed major films like “Days of Thunder,” “Enemy of the State” and most recently “Unstoppable.” He also formed the successful production company Scott Free with brother Ridley, which produced Ridley’s latest sci-fi film “Prometheus.”

Ridley rushed from London to L.A. on Monday. The elder Scott has remained mum on his brother's death (aside from a family statement). Tony's famous fans have shown an outpouring of love on Twitter. Find out what they had to say …