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Maria Shriver Wants to Sell Santa Barbara Ranch Because of 'Bad Energy'

Former First Lady of California Maria Shriver is eager to sell the ranch she and Gov. Schwarzenegger bought because she wants to move on.

The former power couple, who paid $4.7 million for the 25-acre historic Santa Barbara Ranch Monte Alegro tract in 2008, have had the estate privately listed since January, but have had no takers, .

“Maria’s Ranch Monte Alegro site is an albatross around her neck she can do without,” a source revealed to RadarOnline.com, who added that Maria originally thought she would live there after she split with Schwarzenegger, but changed her mind.

The source continued, “She thinks the land has bad energy. Maria’s a very spiritual person and she doesn’t want any negativity in her life, especially after everything she went through, so she just wants it gone from her life. However, they just can’t seem to sell and she’s getting increasingly frustrated -- it’s one of her last remaining links to Arnold and she just wants to move on.”

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