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Snooki: 'I'm Ready' for Baby Lorenzo

Snooki’s due date is right around the corner. The “Jersey Shore” star, real name Nicole Polizzi, is eight months pregnant and “ready” for her son, Lorenzo.

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with the 24-year-old and her dad Andy at Mixology to chat about her pregnancy and upcoming wedding to boyfriend Jionni LaValle.
“Look, he's moving around,” she said, telling Mario to feel her belly. “I think he's turning around to, like, come out.” When Mario asked if the baby was ready, she answered, “I’m ready right here!”
The mommy-to-be has been on her best behavior since she learned she was pregnant. Her dad told Mario, “She knew what she needed to do. It wasn’t about the party it was about the mommy.”
Snooki chimed in, saying, “It just sucks when you're sitting there and all your friends are going crazy taking shots.”
As far as babies go, her dad said Snooki was a “wild one.” “She got into all kinds of stuff… she always used to love to play in cardboard boxes.” To which the Jersey girl replied, “I still do!”
After Lorenzo’s debut comes the wedding, but the couple wants to wait at least a year or two before walking down the aisle.
“We just want to be settled and then we'll do the wedding, which will be fun,” she explained. “It'll be like a Sweet 16 times one hundred.”

Watch the interview and see the “push present” “Extra” got for Snooks!